Take full control over how, where and when your content is availalbe!

Why ShareTwist ?

ShareTwist gives you full control over what you share. Be it a media, a text message or any other file, we let you control exactly how it's going to be accessible. Simply apply twists to define rules for your shares.
Check out our list of twists below for details. The possibilities are endless!

add a Twist
to protect and make it fun

We've given you the ability to protect your shares with a twist! Add one, or many twists to ensure only those who can navigate your twists can gain access to your share!

Availability Range

Decide when you share becomes available, and when it should expire.


Ask one or more questions, only the correct answers will grant access.

Daily Availability

Make your share available every day, but only during the time range specified.

Max Views

You decide exactly how many times your share can be accessed.


Simply add any password you want to protect your shares.


Only those located within your specified location can unlock this twist!

Coming Soon

More twists are coming, we are constantly enriching system by adding more twist type. Contact us if you'd like to see a twist type you are missing.

Learn more

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